Sustainable Design 

Your project is important to us

People come to us to get our input into their projects, we see our role as one of being the design facilitator and graphic communicator. We pull the many different strings together and overlay our expertise in energy and sustainable design to make it work cohesively. We espouse a collaborative working approach right through the process, including the building phase.  



The Practice specializes in Residential Design and Development projects with further experience in Elderly care, Retail, Education and projects with specialized Renewable energy applications. Post-earthquake work has seen an increase in the scale of project and an expanding teas has handled the workload very well.

Working with you

We are often asked to describe how the process of design works. 

It is a fairly logical process, not always linear and often with information gathering side trips. Our job sees us assimilating this large amount of design input into areas of discussion and resolution as the design takes shape. We are considering many things which produce the design synergy that our Clients are looking for in the completed project. Considering sustainable design aspects as early in the process as we can is important as this negates any cost concerns.


The form, look and appearance of your building shaped by and respond to the local micro climate. This form is determined by many factors and is arrived at through discussion, research and consultation with you. Form is important to our clients as it shapes their own world, your building should be attractive and feel just right.



A building plan should be practical and flow easily - making  it very comfortable and supporting your lifestyle or working day. This is part of the planning process that we work through and is one of Solarchitects' strengths.



You will expect this and will also accept that it does not have to cost the earth. Literally and figuratively the quality you expect will enhance your use of the building and ensure it sits well in its environment for a long time.



Design is all about added value in many respects. By incorporating this into your decision making you will see the value Solarchitect brings in efficient space planning, practical material use and the effective use of all our resources natural, physical and financial.  


Energy Effectiveness

A term developed by this practice, energy effectiveness is the next step. Buildings need their energy requirements to be designed for and for these to be managed by the property owner. Working from passive solar principles, integrating natural light, solar technology, and fresh air in to the whole design is part of this concept. 




Initial meeting

Lets talk. Our first meeting is to help us get to know each other and the nature of your project. We will be pleased to show you examples of our work. All our fees are clarified in written proposals and are agreed in advance.


The brief

It’s your project. We need your wish list and “the brief’ is in effect your set of instructions for how you see the project shaping up. We help on many projects, to further refine this and start talking early about project budgets.


Design concept

The design concept is our response to your brief. Your input at this stage is vital and is encouraged to help us produce a design which meets or even exceeds your expectations.


Working documents

Design plans, working drawings and specifications are produced to allow the project to proceed to Consent, pricing and construction phases.


On site - the building documents

Setting up the contract and on-site management is part of our work. Working with good builders is a key part of the project and we help select a good team for you.  As the project Architect we manage this along with contract management and payments.