NEO™ - Natural Passive Solar Homes By Solarchitect 

NEO Is New. 

NEO Projects is a new venture powered by the team at Solarchitect to produce solar energy homes which are highly energy-efficient and - net energy zero buildings.

By this, we mean that our buildings have a zero energy bill on an annual basis - commonly known as zero energy homes.

Your building will generate a surplus in the summer and may well use energy from the grid during the winter. On a net basis, annually, we aim to produce a zero energy bill by working with you to achieve this.

Let's talk.

The NEO Process is simple.

1. Get In Touch.

We ask you to get in contact and email us your initial wish-list and site information.

Site information should include:

  • The address and the land title
  • Any levels available
  • A current geotechnical report.

We are happy to talk to you first, so please call with your questions.

2. A No Cost Meeting.

We will then discuss your site information and the requirements for your new home, including answering your queries, and:

  • The suitability of the site for natural passive solar design
  • Overall viability of NEO for your home, including the target budget
  • Your preferences for the design of your home

If you like our proposals, there is a single and reasonable one-off investment in design, which we will advise you of, up front.

3. The NEO Design package.

Within 10 days NEO will contact you, and arrange the Design meeting, at which time NEO will confirm:

  • Your NEO solar designed home design concept
  • Site analysis and suitability for solar design
  • NEO solar energy system design
  • The NEO Build to Budget Proposal – for a fixed cost contract
  • A project plan with timelines

All NEO Natural Solar Home Builds Include:

  • The confirmed Build To Budget Proposal with your product selections
  • Architectural design plans and product specification by Solarchitect
  • Structural engineering plans
  • Building consent
  • A fixed price contract with a registered building contractor including a New Home Build Warranty
  • NEO Solar Energy system designed, supplied and installed
  • Solar clothes drier (yes - it’s a washing line!)

The NEO design or build contracts endeavour to include everything we can with no hidden surprises. Anything not included will be raised with you for inclusion in your project and in your budget.

Contact a NEO Architect or Builder.

For your initial no-cost meeting, contact us today. We look forward to working together on your new home project.

e. neoprojects@solarchitect.co.nz         
p. 03 377 4315