Sustainable Design - the Green Umbrella

Let's get down to basics, Sustainability is a big word and a little scary for some...

So What's it all about?

We use the term Green Umbrella to explain Sustainability to our Clients and friends as it can be described as an 'umbrella' term used to collect all things environmentally friendly in one place.

Sustainabilty also generally comes with a structure, comprising Ecological, Socio-Cultural and Economic aspects of the Sustainabilty discussion.

Sustainable Design is a large field of interrelated subjects and often it is important to get more than one duck, in that row, correctly aligned, so to speak.! The synergistic aspect of Sustainable design is often the exciting part, well it is for us.!

Solarchitect's focus is often around energy efficiency, around the use of renewable energy sources and their application.

Without a low energy focus in a new building, the use of renewable energy becomes feasible. Knowing how the sun tracks around during the day helps us plan a new home on a particular site. Understanding the efficiency of the various fuels we may use allows us to plan for effective energy use.

Which, as one small part of what we do, brings us to the heart of the matter. Sustainability and environmetally friendly design are all about the efficient use and allocation of valuable and often scarce resources. When we say 'use' we may mean not to  consume or to consider re-using or to recylcle, also. 

This is what Solarchitect tries to do with our Clients on our projects, together.